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Future scenario

Live a more convenient life with entrusted health monitoring

Regular medical examinations are a thing of the past, and individual health is now automatically maintained with a system of sensors and actuators. Our physical condition is monitored while we sleep, and this data is sent to our medical institutions. Based on this data, we are sent proposals regarding our next meal—including all the necessary nutrients our bodies and minds require—and the ingredients needed to prepare this meal. Warnings are issued in case of actions that adversely affect our health.

Until now
Careful monitoring and maintenance of our health required
In the future
Our health is maintained for us while we live a freer life

Technological and societal challenges

  • The world requires technology that automatically monitors the health of each individual. Technology must also enable the tailoring of customized meals that meet the real needs of people, as well as the automatic delivery of the ingredients required for these meals. The public needs to develop a system for determining who or what body is liable when a machine error occurs.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will expand and deepen their collaborations with medical institutions and enhance their efforts in improving human health, for example by establishing medical engineering departments.