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What is DLab?

Developments in science and technology offer us infinite possibilities for a better tomorrow. By gauging the needs and desires of society through dialogue with the public, and by designing our future together, DLab aims to create a brighter, more prosperous world.
DLab hosts workshops and other events that initiate discussions on future society among Tokyo Tech faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of the public. Once an image of the future has been established, DLab seeks out and openly shares elements required to realize this image, encouraging society to progress together towards shared goals.

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Vision 2020

In a “transchallenge” world, limits traditionally associated with geography, physical ability, and other factors do not exist. Irrespective of who or where you are, science and technology offers everyone the opportunity to take on any challenge confidently. What is your next challenge?

Tokyo Tech Future Chronology

The Tokyo Tech Future Chronology offers a bird’s-eye view of the desirable future scenarios created at DLab in the order that they are expected to materialize. This visual tool helps participants view all the existing components from a broader perspective while encouraging discussion on how to develop the scenarios further or create new ones.
A Japanese version of the Tokyo Tech Future Chronology and various input elements that make up the whole can be viewed at Centennial Hall on Tokyo Tech’s Ookayama Campus.

Future scenarios

The DLab future scenarios make up the Tokyo Tech Future Chronology. They summarize the various desirable futures envisioned together with the public and highlight the potential of science and technology in realizing a better tomorrow.

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Liberate yourself from all constraints of place


Select your memories, heal your wounds


Empathize with all beings via selective knowledge, senses, perspectives


Take on any challenge at any age

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DLab aims to create a better future for us all. To do so, we need your help. Make your impact now on this page by specifying “DLab” under Area of Support.

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