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Future scenario

Select your memories, heal your wounds

By taking advantage of developments in brain science and integration with information technology, we can outsource, mold, and manage our memories according to our needs. This allows us to release painful or unpleasant thoughts—as we have done with the overflow of information—into the internet and cloud to lead healthier, more positive lives. We consult with new professionals such as memory counselors and psychiatrists specializing in memory operations to ensure our recollections stay in check.

Until now
Limitations born from frustrations and traumatic experiences
In the future
Ability to manage memories selectively and lead a happier life

Technological and societal challenges

  • This scenario requires and further accelerates the rapid development of storage devices for the management of memories. As the demand for data storage grows exponentially, so too does the need for reliable parties to handle, manage, and protect the information of billions of individuals. And who owns all these memories?

Expected role of universities

  • Rather than focus on results, universities will offer a platform to evaluate the feasibility, validity, and integrity of the challenges themselves. Educational institutions will function as forums for ethical discussion that guide technological advances in line with global principles serving the best interests of all human beings.

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