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Future scenario

Take on any challenge at any age

We receive ample technical support for anything we want to do or anything that may interest us. With the integration of machines, nature, and humans, we can take our favorite person to any location at any time. We utilize developments in cyborg engineering to climb the Matterhorn or Mt. Fuji at age two or age ninety-two, and communicate with anyone from any background using automated, culturally intelligent translators. We live long, active lives during which we achieve all our goals and dreams.

Until now
Cans and can’ts due to birth, gender, location, or age
In the future
Anyone can do anything regardless of physical or social attributes

Technological and societal challenges

  • This scenario requires the establishment of humane sci-tech policies, and full recognition of the mission of science and technology—to support the challenges of all people and realize a truly fair society. This recognition must come not only from researchers, academic communities, and businesses, but also from society as a whole.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will provide a platform that facilitates the transition from collaboration between industry and academia to integration of industry, academia, and the public. While functioning as reliable institutions for learning where all individuals can discover their passions, universities will continue to enhance the quality and authenticity of the virtual world environment and expand opportunities for all.

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