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Future scenario

Empathize with all beings via selective knowledge, senses, perspectives

Remember when it took time to acquire knowledge? Now we can obtain it immediately and, with the help of a neurochip, install and uninstall abilities and memories without the difficulties of learning. By attaching and detaching all or any of the five senses, we can heighten our perception of and empathy for others—particularly those who need better technological solutions and social systems—and feel the sensations experienced by animals and inanimate objects in nature.

Until now
The grass is greener over the fence—unwanted misunderstandings, thoughts of rivalry and self-aversion
In the future
There is no fence—equal capacity to empathize by experiencing the abilities and feelings of others

Technological and societal challenges

  • Technologies that facilitate data exchange with the brain will need to be improved, as will privacy protection through enhanced data security technology. The development of safely designed and operated intracerebral chips will be required. With the help of technology, people must foster a greater sensitivity towards both their human and non-human counterparts. To ensure that technology does not run away from us, society must ensure that fellow humans achieve their intended goals through appropriate legislation and ethical guidelines.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will deepen academic understanding of the five senses and provide people with rich experiences through channels such as materials, space, and spacetime. Based on empathy and co-experiences, universities will function as hubs for research and development of assistive devices and other products, services, and systems required by the public.

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