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Future scenario

Exhibit enhanced creativity through coexistence with AI

As artificial intelligence and robots begin to handle all forms of labor, we learn to collaborate and coexist, rather than simply rely on, these phenomena. We view AI not as a black box but as a truly reliable partner of human beings. We achieve harmony and coexistence with AI, and maximize our creative abilities, imagination, and enjoyment.

Until now
Vague anxiety regarding artificial intelligence
In the future
Trust in and coexistence with artificial intelligence

Technological and societal challenges

  • The public must establish white-box testing methods to enable humans to trust fully the judgments and processing carried out by artificial intelligence. To contribute further to peace of mind, AI coexistence studies will need to be systematized and offered from an early age. Separating components reliant on AI from those performed by humans is crucial.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will offer an environment where all generations can learn to utilize AI correctly. Uniting AI developers with experts in ethics and art will set strong foundations for AI coexistence studies. Higher education institutions will also focus on developing in their students the ability to “create something from nothing” and the confidence to make informed choices from a vast range of options.