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Future scenario

Exercise your right to disconnect and reap the benefits

In response to the removal of the world’s time and space borders, we reassess the value of not knowing and not tuning in to rekindle singularity and heterogeneity. We leave the online space with the knowledge that a massive database stores all indispensable information for us, and extracts only what we require upon our return. We know that going offline will never affect us as a cost or a loss.

Until now
Connectivity expands collectivity and homogeneity
In the future
Disconnectivity makes room for renewed individuality and heterogeneity

Technological and societal challenges

  • The public must invest in the construction of a technical system that enables the collection and extraction of information according to individual needs, thereby reducing any potential loss or disadvantage previously caused by absence from the internet space.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will provide the public with an internet-free zone—a physical space where people can liberate themselves from the online world to exercise enhanced individuality and creativity.