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Future scenario

Travel while you work, work while you travel

With everything online, we work whenever and wherever we want. We enjoy a more varied, on-the-move lifestyle with self-driving vehicles and seamless transitions from one form of transportation to another. We never again have to worry about our own home, as we don’t have one. Instead, we have the option of residing wherever we decide to go. This encourages us to move freely without the inconveniences of “having to be somewhere” or “having to return home.”

Until now
Fixed home, one occupation
In the future
Mobile home, various occupations

Technological and societal challenges

  • Since citizens no longer have fixed addresses, the roles and responsibilities of local authorities must be reviewed, and social structures such as taxation systems must be revised. Newly developed infrastructure and urban design will also be required to suit the nomadic lifestyle of the new era.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will continue to diversify as venues for learning. Physical campuses will facilitate easy-to-access online teaching and learning, which is the new norm. This will provide an education and research environment that is based on social and student mobility.