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Future scenario

Enjoy a strong, complete, balanced home

We select our work field and style according to our true preferences, and drastically reduce time spent on commutes and in meetings. We increase and enhance the time spent at home, which is wherever we want it to be. As “family” is reinstated as the most fundamental unit of society, its role and functions again begin to improve. The focus of policymaking shifts from the interests of companies and large metropolitan areas to smaller communities, groups, and families.

Until now
The family as a unit continues to weaken, shifting decision making to individuals
In the future
Balanced work and home life strengthens the family as a decision-making unit

Technological and societal challenges

  • The public must redefine the functions of large metropolitan areas while creating housing, schools, health care facilities, and other social infrastructures in local communities. Acknowledgment and inclusion of smaller, subdivided groups and their values—values that vary from family to family—must run parallel to the sustainable integration of society as a whole.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will support the role of a warm home by providing a greater number of online courses and lifelong learning opportunities than ever before, allowing everyone—regardless of their physical location or personal preferences—to learn.