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Future scenario

Thrive through intentionally designed errors and uncertainties

In a world where the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence have eliminated accidents and errors through optimization and homogenization, contingencies are suddenly of great value. They generate creativity, innovation, and novelty. Businesses that create failures and uncertainties—and mechanisms that utilize these mistakes—are rapidly on the rise, and we live and work in an environment where we are encouraged to fail in order to create and innovate.

Until now
Errors and uncertainties are avoided and eliminated
In the future
Errors and uncertainties are valued and intentionally designed

Technological and societal challenges

  • The world will need to establish methods for generating, utilizing, and controlling errors and uncertainties for the benefit of all humans. Social and economic environments that tolerate and encourage failure will be fostered, and we must acculturate ourselves accordingly.

Expected role of universities

  • Rather than focus on results, universities will offer a platform to evaluate the feasibility, validity, and integrity of the challenges themselves.