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Future scenario

Flourish during both halves of the “60 x 2”

We take advantage of the latest advances in IT, AI, and biotechnology to enhance individual nutrition and maximize disease prevention. We live a full life of 60 years, then redesign our second life, equip ourselves with new professional skills to keep pace with the times, and live another 60 years.

Until now
Each life includes a phase of passivity, putting strain on medical institutions and doctors
In the future
An era of active living—in youth and older age—reduces the burden on medical institutions and doctors

Technological and societal challenges

  • Advances in cell regeneration, lifelog utilization, and biotelemetry must be achieved to bring us longevity. The personal data of billions must be collected and stored to offer us services based on big data analysis. This, in turn, highlights the important of personal data protection, and requires society to enhance technical and legal frameworks that keep our information private.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will function as settings where people develop both their work skills and life design abilities. They will offer everyone information literacy training, but will also provide educational programs that teach people how to live a fruitful “second life” from age 60 onwards.