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Future scenario

Experience new cosmic, subaquatic, and subterranean adventures

Exploration and entertainment now include space and deep-sea experiences. Theme parks have brought extinct species back to life. Human imagination and creativity have extended to newly resourced spaces, places, and times, helping us to nurture a richer, more diverse sense of humanity. Our pastimes and adventures are no longer limited to physical spaces, but also utilize the consciousness and dream worlds of others.

Until now
Exploration and entertainment are limited by Earth and its existing creatures
In the future
Exploration and entertainment utilize unexplored land, human consciousness, and other new resources

Technological and societal challenges

  • For the world to discover and develop unexplored spaces, we must enhance technology and techniques that ensure our safety. Pertinent laws must be established to protect undeveloped land. If we are to access the dreams of others, we must ensure regulations concerning consciousness, and confidently verify the effects of accessing the minds of others.

Expected role of universities

  • As artificial intelligence advances and recreational time among humans increases, universities will explore the increased potential of research in the field of entertainment.