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Future scenario

Make the virtual world everyday life and the physical world fantastic

As work and other aspects of daily life move into the virtual world, the time we spend in the “real world” decreases. The previously mundane becomes rare, even fantastic, and we can focus on making this time as valuable as possible. As a result, business and entertainment activities revert to the effective use of the real world, enhancing aspects that can only be realized in a physical environment.

Until now
Daily life is real, while play and entertainment are virtual
In the future
The virtual world becomes daily life, making the physical world more valuable

Technological and societal challenges

  • As technology entangles the virtual and physical worlds, online legal, governmental, and other social frameworks come into existence. Functions that keep present day life running, such as the demand for electricity, suddenly become obsolete. There is an urgent need to find an optimal balance between the real and virtual worlds, both from a physical and psychological perspective.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will extend liberal arts education to cover the virtual world, and will contribute to improving quality of life for all people. While doing so, these institutions continue with the maintenance, management, and development of the physical world.