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Future scenario

Realize a comfortable living environment in space

We take advantage of unique living environments that reflect people’s needs and desires on the moon and throughout the universe. In an era where outer space operations can be designed comfortably and resources and energy provided stably, the living environment on Earth also improves as nature is again fully allowed to take its course.

Until now
Cities are formed freely, but only on Earth
In the future
Cities and urban environments are designed in space

Technological and societal challenges

  • Expertise in cosmic energy acquisition and development, environmental development, and urban development becomes crucial. People will need basic knowledge and support regarding their decision to live either in space or on Earth. We must establish an environment where Earthlings and space-dwellers possess a mutual respect for each other.

Expected role of universities

  • In addition to conducting training and research on fundamental design for zero-based urban development in space, universities will expand their basic and applied research regarding the cosmos. Outer space campuses will connect to tellurian campuses via remote communication systems.