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Future scenario

Design, or remove, your own aging process

While death itself still comes to us all, we are now able to control the process that leads up to it. New technology allows us to prevent aging, and our bodies are no longer subject to a gradual process of deterioration. The selection, design, or elimination of the aging process is completely in our hands.

Until now
Inability to prevent or control aging
In the future
Ability to design the aging process

Technological and societal challenges

  • While technology may slow down or halt aging, it is necessary for society as a whole to examine the value and meaning of the process itself. We may be able to stop the body from languishing, but our minds will continue to learn and experience new things, perhaps leading to a change in the purpose of our lives. On a national and global scale, it is necessary to understand the impact of anti-aging technologies on population explosions and declines.

Expected role of universities

  • As loci for learning, universities will deepen individual awareness and understanding of aging and death. This value will extend to a wide audience that includes all generations — not only young men and women, but also more experienced members of society.