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Future scenario

Eliminate concerns regarding food and energy shortages

Our ability to utilize energy and produce food has become cost-effective. We are able to extract energy from natural phenomena such as typhoons and earthquakes, and to avoid energy loss. We can convert fauna, stones, waste, and other sources into eatables. With technologies enabling these transformations, energy and food demands will be met, even in failed states.

Until now
Limitations caused by finite energy and food sources
In the future
Improved energy cycles allow us to consume resources as required

Technological and societal challenges

  • Services that utilize natural energy must be developed significantly, as must basic research into energy and food conversion. We must develop an acceptance towards cellular agriculture, ensure food conversion traceability, and establish a climate management center that helps us to control the weather. The world must work together to provide effective support to developing countries and failed states, create new technologies that ensure all humans a sufficient supply of energy and food, and accelerate fundamental research on mechanisms for energy supply and consumption.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will function as environments where people are educated on the development of energy-saving technology and energy literacy.