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Social Innovation in Global Networks

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Future scenario

Achieve global symbiosis with a full understanding of Earth’s ecosystem

We authorize the development of monitoring systems and artificial intelligence to enable automatic optimization of large-scale systems as we become aware of total global symbiosis. We move with our fellow humans towards environment-oriented development, eliminating borders between humans, animals, and nature, and acknowledging and appreciating one united planet.

Until now
Human and individual-oriented optimum
In the future
Universal Earth-oriented optimum

Technological and societal challenges

  • The world will need a monitoring and data integration system that understands natural phenomena and the ecosystem of the entire planet. Comprehensive use of natural energy, a recycling and reproduction system that eliminates and utilizes waste, and a stronger push for the achievement of sustainable development goals worldwide will be required. The public will also need to create technology that facilitates Earth-oriented development and identify optimal solutions for the planet.

Expected role of universities

  • As neutral third-party organizations free of vested interests, universities will offer a place to analyze big data, discuss the results, and educate humans regarding the optimization of the environment on individual, regional, and global levels.