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Future scenario

Reduce drastically the probability of conflict with a cosmic-scale perspective

With virtual reality and the ability to live life across the cosmos, we can view Earth from a different angle—space. A cosmic-scale perspective frees us from the framework of conflict, which in the past was caused by ethnic, cultural, and national differences. The human race advances into space, and resources thought to be finite or extinct prove to be limitless. As a result, the value of land, resources, and other “profitable assets” is seen as inflated, drastically reducing the probability of classic conflicts involving countries and regions.

Until now
Conflicts caused by prioritization of profits from resources, energy, other “assets”
In the future
Issues viewed on both earthly and cosmic scales, eliminating conflict

Technological and societal challenges

  • The world needs to establish technologies for the development of stable energy sources, urban spaces, and residential environments in space, particularly with the aim of making cosmic life safer and more comfortable. Society will also need to eliminate disparities involving costs, environments, tolerance, and other factors when selecting life on Earth or in space.

Expected role of universities

  • Universities will provide education and training regarding technological development in space while continuing to create new technologies and mechanisms that enhance life on Earth. Educational institutions will function as forums for discussion of the existence of human beings in the space age, and the true meaning of life.