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Future scenario

Understand the origins of materials and life to create a sustainable world

Through the elucidation of matter and the evolution of humankind and life at the elementary particle level, and a solid understanding of the evolution, ecosystems, and resources of the entire Earth, humans evolve and create science and technology that far surpasses past achievements. We make any place our home—underground, in the oceans, in the air, or in space. We utilize widespread food production and resources without the need to worry about depletion.

Until now
Unsustainable society due to lack of understanding of Earth
In the future
Optimized, sustainable society through a comprehensive understanding of Earth

Technological and societal challenges

  • While the elucidation of matter and the evolution of human and other life will pose their own challenges, society will also need to consider carefully the importance of ethics in evolutionary science and technology. High-strength materials for extreme environments will be required, as will high-precision measurement and analysis technology applied at the elementary particle level.

Expected role of universities

  • In addition to promoting studies of Earth and life, universities will form hubs where specialists conduct activities that deepen our understanding of the ecosystem. Higher education institutions will function as guides to determine the direction of our evolution, creating mechanisms for the control of technology and offering appropriate education and training.